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Chomphogs on Guard - Solution for Kids Scared of the Dark

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  • Helps children overcome the fear of the dark
  • Creates more enjoyable bedtimes
  • Promotes healthy sleeping patterns
  • Children will soon sleep on their own all night
  • Builds your child's resilience, confidence, and independence   
  • Teaches empathy and sharing
  • For 3 months old to 9 years old (or older)
  • Gender neutral

The Set Includes:

  •     Chomphogs Story Book (30 pages)
  •     Large Chomphogs Plush Toy (8")
  •     Small Chomphogs Plush Toy (4")
  •     Beautifully illustrated Gift Box

The Storybook

The engaging and beautifully illustrated book tells how Colby finds a miniature spaceship in the woods with his dad and discovers a couple of friendly aliens called Chomphogs.

These aliens protect children from monsters and scary creatures while children sleep. Once the Chomphogs were "on guard" in his room, Colby knew he was safe and slept through the night for the first time! You can read more about the book here.

Since then, Colby wanted all his friends to have their own Chomphog to protect them. That's why the set comes with a smaller 4" version. The large one is the protector, and the small one is to give to a good friend to protect them at night until they can get their own large Chomphog.

The story is very well written and works with your child's imagination.

They can sleep with the Chomphog or place it anywhere monsters can hide. Under the bed, in the closet, by the door, on the window sill, the possibilities are endless.

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    What Parents Say ...

    What a great product! Our 5 year old son started having nightmares in the past few months and nothing we said or did worked. The whole family was up several times a night. My friend recommended this toy set and it works like a charm. It only took a week for him to sleep through the night. Every parent struggling with child's sleep should get this. Thank you!!!

    Jessica O.

    This is a great concept, and whoever came up with it deserves a medal. Our daughter started acting up at bedtime, doing anything to avoid it to the point of tears. Turns out she was afraid of owl sounds in our back yard and shadows. We found this guardian alien and she is not scared anymore. Who knew that something so simple could work so well.

    Kristin H.