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" Helping little ones conquer their bedtime fears, one Chomphog at a time."

What Parents Say ...

"Our daughter would often wake up in the middle of the night scared of shadows. Thanks to Chomphogs, she finally sleeps through the night. We can't thank you enough!"

David T.

Great book and toy for helping alleviate childhood fears!! My grandson loved the story and so did I! And the illustrations are out of this world, they're so good.

Jeanne B.

My son is afraid of the dark and always wants his bedroom door cracked open. He's been much less afraid since the first few days with Chomphog and it's getting better every night.

- Kenna G.

This is an adorable idea that is pretty well executed. Everything seems to be really good quality. The toys are the perfect size for a bedtime companion and the book is so good.

Julie M.

Just what a friend needed for their child to go to bed better. I love that it comes as a set!

Jay O.

"Chomphogs on Guard are loved by children and parents. Because it works!"

Your child will sleep alone, all night long. And finally, so can you!