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Hi, I'm Christopher Plattner,

and I live in North Carolina with my wife, 3 children, and 2 dogs.

I wrote the Chomphog story for my middle son. He was having difficulty going to sleep at night without anyone in the room with him (which is hard for parents!) as he was afraid of Monsters getting him when he fell asleep. After seeing how much the story helped my son, I decided to use the concept to help other parents with young children who had trouble sleeping in their bedroom alone at night.

Chomphogs on Guard is about how a boy named Colby found a miniature spaceship in the woods with his Dad. When he opened it up, he discovered a couple of aliens called Chomphogs from the planet Phlog. As luck would have it, these aliens protect little children and love to eat monsters and other scary creatures at night while children sleep. Once the Chomphogs were “on guard” in his room at night, Colby knew he was safe and slept all through the night!  He wanted all his friends to have their own Chomphog to protect them!

The Chomphog book comes with 2 Chomphogs – one large and one small. The large one is the protector and will keep you safe at night. The smaller one is to give to a good friend or sibling to protect them at night from scaries and monsters until they can get their book and Chomphog.