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Comfort for Kids Scared of the Dark



    The Right Toys

    Allow children to have fun, learn about the world, and experiment with different ways to epxress their feelings. Toys like Chomphogs have a considerable potential to aid children in conceptual development.

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    • Can you imagine a world with peaceful bedtimes with your little one?

    • A world, where you read them a bedtime story, kiss them good night, and turn the lights off in their room?

    • A world where they won't bounce back into the living room with endless excuses only to avoid bedtime?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should give Chomphogs on Guard a try!

    It's a set of 2 soft cuddly plush toys called Chomphogs and a beautifully illustrated 30-page storybook. Chomphogs are friendly aliens from planet Phlog. They came to Earth to eat monsters and shadows, so children can sleep peacefully at night.

    Your child can choose where to put their own Chomphog protector, depending where the monsters are hiding! In the closet, under the bed, or perhaps the toy box? It depends on their imagination.

    And that's why the concept of Chomphogs works. Thye place them where their fear stems from and allows their guardian to protect them, so they can sleep.

    It works like a charm. Guarnateed!